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The years 1955 and 1956 for the Cy Laurie band were a busy period, not only in the jazz clubs, but also in the recording studio. It has come to light that as well as recording for Esquire during this period, Cy was also recording the band under different names (to avoid contractual problems), for different labels that were to be released in the UK and the USA. Such band names as Dixieland Five Plus Two, The Hot Rod Six Plus Two, and The Memphis All-Star Seven were used, but, most importantly, the music was typically that of a Cy Laurie band, steeped in the Classic jazz tradition.

The first sixteen tracks had Alan Elsdon, Graham

Stewart and Pat Hawes in the line-up in what was one of Cy’s more well-known bands. Pat is replaced on the next four tracks, otherwise the line-up remained the same. Among the titles they recorded were SOL Blues, Dippermouth Blues, Just Gone, Snake Rag and Steamboat Stomp, all enabling the band to demonstrate their qualities. Sonny Morris replaces Alan on the final eight tracks, and although Graham is missing for four tracks (replaced by one of Cy’s future long term sidemen, Terry Pitts), the quality of the music is untarnished.

We can thank Paul Adams for his search for these items and subsequent release – another gem amongst his re-issue programme.

A must for Cy Laurie fans!

Review by Peter Lay

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